19 Crimes Red Wine 2015

Inky dark color; red cherry, dark fruits, oak, vanilla on the nose; chocolate, dark fruits, blackberry jam, oak, cedar on the palate.

The red wine blend includes cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, and likely others; the winery does not specify, only stating “non-varietal”, so this tastes like a field blend of whatever rich red grapes this Treasury Wine Estates winery could grab at the moment.

Oak is provided by “100% American oak chips” which is how you oak wine and keep the price down to $10 or so. Fairly soft tannins and medium acidity (3.59 pH). This is Aussie commodity wine which will work well for a rowdy pizza party, second or third wine for an evening of games or watching sports. Don’t expect sophistication—the label tells you that straight off. The big oak will please some and turn off others; what pleasures your palate?

The wine name comes from Australia’s penal colony beginnings. In the 18th and 19th centuries, there were 19 crimes that earned you “punishment by transportation”—banishment to Australia. The crimes ranged from somewhat serious—grand larceny—to the weird: impersonating an Egyptian and clandestine marriage. To Australia they came. Some of their descendants make this wine today.

19 Crimes Red Wine 2015 is a bold, commodity red with loads of red and black fruitiness, some vivid chocolate, and plenty of oak. $10

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Second photo: List of the 19 crimes
Bailey’s of Glenrowan 19 Crimes Red Wine 2015
List of the 19 crime