Vigneron-Vintner-Négociant 1-19-2021

“Vigneron” “vintner” “négociant” are wine terms. What are their exact meanings? This being wine, they don’t really have exact meanings. Here is an overview. Continue reading “Vigneron-Vintner-Négociant 1-19-2021”

Wine hangover 12-29-2021

New Year’s Eve is called “amateur drunk” night because folks who do not regularly consume alcohol decide they might as well join the “oh-be-joyous” fest on the last night of the year. Continue reading “Wine hangover 12-29-2021”

Bubbly for the holidays 12-22-2021

’Tis the season to be bubbly. December is the hottest month for sparkling wine. Festive, fun, special. People who don’t drink wine, drink sparkling as we endure the darkest days of winter and toast the dawn of a new year. Continue reading “Bubbly for the holidays 12-22-2021”

Expensive wine 12-15-2021

This being the month of lavish giving and celebration, expensive wine may be on your agenda. Here are some things to look for, and a cautionary note, too. Continue reading “Expensive wine 12-15-2021”

Wine no-no’s 12-8-2021

Holidays can be prime time for vino blunders. Be your better self. This is a time for joy and bonhomie, so pass on these unwholesome wine gaffes: Continue reading “Wine no-no’s 12-8-2021”

Dramatic drop in wine production 12-1-2021

At its heart, winemaking is farming. And, at its heart, farming is an inconstant, ever-challenging enterprise. The year 2021 is a case in point. Continue reading “Dramatic drop in wine production 12-1-2021”

Decanting guidelines 11-24-2021

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. At this late date, it is likely your wine for the great American harvest feast is set. Some notes about serving it. Continue reading “Decanting guidelines 11-24-2021”

Weighty wine bottles 11-17-2021

Wine bottle weight is a weighty issue in the wine world. On one hand, there is the expense, waste, and carbon footprint of heavy bottles. On the other hand, bodacious bottles have a clear marketing and psychological impact. Continue reading “Weighty wine bottles 11-17-2021”