Champagne’s rise 2-8-2023

The land was sheep country, too far north for grapes. The local wine was mediocre, pawned off to roughhewn wool buyers or consumed by locals as vin de table. Continue reading “Champagne’s rise 2-8-2023”

Wine sales statistics 2-1-2023

Which of these statements about the wine industry is correct? Demand decreases, the industry faces rocky times. The industry is doing fine, even if volume is down, value is steady. The industry has a rosy future as drinkers switch to higher-priced wine. Continue reading “Wine sales statistics 2-1-2023”

Wine is the most interesting drink 1-25-2023

Wine is the world’s most interesting alcoholic beverage. You expect wine columnists to make such an assertion, but we can back up the claim. Continue reading “Wine is the most interesting drink 1-25-2023”

Optimism 1-4-2023

New year. No matter if you look back on 2022 with a sigh of satisfaction or you are grovelingly thankful to survive another solar circumnavigation, time for optimism. Continue reading “Optimism 1-4-2023”

Start the year with wine good news 12-28-2022

Let’s end this year and begin the next on a high note. A Japanese study found people over age 75 may benefit from a regular glass of wine. Continue reading “Start the year with wine good news 12-28-2022”

Christmas summer 12-21-2022

It is high summer in South America. Time to hit swimming pools and beaches while wishing everyone “Feliz Navidad!” Continue reading “Christmas summer 12-21-2022”

Five key winemaking decisions 12-14-2022

There are five terms you often will find in reports about wine. Understanding what they mean and how they affect wine can help you make choices. A quick review. Continue reading “Five key winemaking decisions 12-14-2022”

Napa agonistes 12-7-2022

Once upon a time Napa Valley was a place of pastoral legend. Blessed with the bucolic beauties of wooded knolls, forested slopes, springtime fields dappled with mustard flowers, summertime’s lush greenery, the valley aflame in reds and yellows come fall. The human presence was a smattering of vineyards and family-owned wineries, dairies, cattle ranches, walnut groves, plum-tree orchards. Continue reading “Napa agonistes 12-7-2022”