Wine descriptors Part Two 4-10-2024

Continuing our investigation of wine descriptors. Last week we noted wine shares the same molecules as familiar, pleasant tastes and smells. But what about all those weird descriptors? Continue reading “Wine descriptors Part Two 4-10-2024”

Wine descriptors Part One 4-3-2024

Using words to describe wine is fraught with peril and leaves wine writers exposed to ridicule. Adapting a line from Martin Mull: writing about wine is like dancing about architecture. And we do it anyway. Continue reading “Wine descriptors Part One 4-3-2024”

Grape growing USA 3-27-2024

Grapes remain the highest value fruit crop in the U.S.—estimated at $7 billion. There are a million acres of grape-bearing land in the U.S.—wine grapes, table grapes, and raisin grapes. Continue reading “Grape growing USA 3-27-2024”

Wine and Holy Week 3-20-2024

For Christians, the coming days are a transition from the promise of Christmas to the time of fulfillment of Easter. Continue reading “Wine and Holy Week 3-20-2024”

Wine challenges 3-13-2024

While wine has been an integral part of civilization for at least 8,000 years, it also is subject to the waxes and wanes of fashion. What is rad and fav today can be tomorrow’s meh. Think merlot. Think white zinfandel. Think Milli Vanilli. Continue reading “Wine challenges 3-13-2024”

Wine glut 2-14-2024

Wine has enjoyed quite a run. Consumption up for decades. Quality up—the best in the 8,000 year history of wine. Availability up, thanks in no small part to elimination of antediluvian restrictions on direct-to-consumer wine sales. Continue reading “Wine glut 2-14-2024”

Scientific proof of terroir 1-31-2024

Terroir is that baffling French term you often encounter with wine. There is another French term that sums up the meaning of terroir—je ne sais quoi [something that cannot be fully described or expressed]. Continue reading “Scientific proof of terroir 1-31-2024”