The religion of wine 9-20-2023

Is wine a religion? Wait—I am not suggesting wine will replace my Catholicism—but we cannot ignore religious elements associated with wine. Continue reading “The religion of wine 9-20-2023”

How to pair wine and cheese 9-13-2023

You know wine and cheese were made for each other. You also know not all wine pairs with all cheese. What is a person to do? Continue reading “How to pair wine and cheese 9-13-2023”

Wine ingredient labels 9-6-2023

Ingredients and allergy information likely are coming to a wine label near you. Much already is mandated in Europe. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is taking comments to fine-tune U.S. mandates. Continue reading “Wine ingredient labels 9-6-2023”

Cheap wine troubles 8-23-2023

I hate to break it to you, but the days of good cheap wine are numbered. Very drinkable wine under $10 was a holy grail of wine drinkers and wine writers for years. Alas, those days are fading in the rearview mirror of our lives. Continue reading “Cheap wine troubles 8-23-2023”

Wine and health debate continues 8-16-2023

Is a glass or two of wine good for you or bad for you? Experts: It is good for you, you will live longer. Experts: It is bad for you, it will shorten your life. Continue reading “Wine and health debate continues 8-16-2023”

Wine texture 6-28-2023

Wine descriptions often refer to “texture.” What the heck does that mean? There is a texture difference between silk and sandpaper. There is a texture difference between a crisp apple and creamy mashed potatoes. Wine is a liquid. Liquid is liquid texture, right? Continue reading “Wine texture 6-28-2023”