Underage direct to consumer 7-24-2024

Direct-to-consumer (DtC) wine shipping enjoys exponential growth. This is a great and welcome boon to wine makers, especially smaller ones who effectively are ignored by mega wholesalers. Continue reading “Underage direct to consumer 7-24-2024”

Summer and rosé 7-10-2024

As the Nat King Cole song goes, “Roll out those lazy, hazy days of summer.” But instead of soda and pretzels and beer, it is so much nicer to sip well-chilled rosé. Continue reading “Summer and rosé 7-10-2024”

Wine storage tips 6-12-2024

Most of us drink a bottle of wine soon after purchase. From an hour after we get home to a couple of days or weeks. Wine storage in such cases basically is unimportant. Continue reading “Wine storage tips 6-12-2024”

What influences your wine buying? 5-29-2024

In an opinion survey by YouGov, Americans claimed “bottle or label design” was the least important factor in their selection of a wine. Continue reading “What influences your wine buying? 5-29-2024”

Gigondas La Cave Le Dit De Saint Tronquet, Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu 2022

Deep ruby color; black olive, cherry, raspberry, cranberry, red berries, herbs, thyme, leather, pepper on the nose and palate. Continue reading “Gigondas La Cave Le Dit De Saint Tronquet, Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu 2022”

What do Americans think about wine? 5-22-2024

What wines do Americans prefer, how much are they willing to pay for it, and what are their general views about wine? Continue reading “What do Americans think about wine? 5-22-2024”

Wine glut pitfalls 5-15-2024

The world has a glut of wine. In some ways, a good thing for wine buyers. With supply up and demand down, wine makers have to make sacrifices to move their product. The old seller’s adage applies: “I would rather have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.” Continue reading “Wine glut pitfalls 5-15-2024”