This is a wine column, but there is info for beer drinkers, too. During high summer, even wine lovers may enjoy a cool foamy.

Start with your nose. You swirl and sniff big red wines in large wine glass to fully appreciate them. Same principle applies to beer.

“With beer it’s often drinking without thinking,” says Ray Daniels, who operates a beer sommelier certification program. “Every beer tells a story. It has a beginning and a middle and an end.”

Just like wine.

While Daniels certifies beer experts, he has advice for every beer drinker: banish bottles and cans for imbibing, pour your beer into a glass.

As with wine, most of what we perceive as flavor actually is smell. There is no real chance to sniff beer confined in a bottle or can. A glass also helps beer to warm up a scosh [cq] and release more aromas.

As with wine, swirl to release aromas, then put your nose inside the glass. Professional beer judges know this. Daniels notes: “Beer judges always have little specks of foam on their noses.”

As with wine, temperature and glassware vary with the brew. Lager beer, such as Budweiser, should be served cold in tall, straight-sided glass. Find appropriate glassware at The variety may amaze you.

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A little help from wine guy to beer guzzling friends.

Recommended wine for summer:

• Argie Andes Torrontés. Light gold; honeysuckle nose; peach, apricot, green apple, clean finish. Classic Argentina. $12

• McPherson American Sparkling Wine. 50-50 Chenin Blanc, French Colombard. Extra dry, acidity, balanced winner. Made for TX winery in CA. $14

• Korbel Natural. Delicate, very crisp, dry, fruit forward. California sparkling. $18