Bisol Desiderio Jeio Prosecco Brut NV

Bisol Desiderio Jeio Prosecco Brut NV: Pale yellow-green color; light floral nose; rich feel on the palate with grapefruit, citrus, light-but-persistent effervesce;

fresh, dry, soft, simple, has an almost sherbet-like quality; made with glera (always main grape in prosecco), pinto blanc, verdiso grapes. Ideal as an apéritif, will wet the appetite and its tart finish will cleanse the palate for more substantial adventures. Desiderio Bisol is the maker; his wife’s nickname is “Jeio,” and they stuck the name to wine, too. Bisol’s vineyards have been making prosecco since 1542, although his family did not acquire the winery north of Venice until the 1920s. Vineyard ownership in the Old World is seldom clean and simple; the heart of the Bisol property is the summit of Cartizze Hill, some 400 acres owned by 140 different owners. Think of oil production where a company produces the oil but must pay multiple generations of family members who own mineral rights. Whatever, Bisol makes it work and is one of the premier prosecco producers in the world. This is light, fun, easy to like. $15
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Second photo: Bisol cellar
Bisol Desiderio Jeio Prosecco Brut
Bisol cellar