Bodega Aniello 006 Malbec, Alto Valle del Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina 2020

Deep purple color; plum, blackberry, black cherry on the nose; red plum, blackberry, black cherry, earth, oak notes on the palate.

Bodega Aniello 006 Malbec, Alto Valle del Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina 2020

Dry; usual accommodating malbec tannins and reserved acidity (3.82 pH). Medium body. Fainter fruit than you get from a typical Mendoza malbec. Patagonia is cooler and wetter than central Argentina, thus restraining fruit ripeness. This is more reserved but with a bit more tartness. Nicely extended finish. Easy drinker. 14.5% ABV

Bodega Aniello is located in Patagonia, the southernmost tip of Argentina. The 006 references the blocks of malbec. The block is adjacent to the Rio Negro, making if one of the few if not the only Patagonian vineyard located next to a flowing river. The winery was founded in 1927 and completely renovated in 2013.

Bodega Aniello vineyard team

The estate is almost 136 acres and located in a desert climate with large diurnal shifts that help intensify fruitiness while preserving acidity, but this remains a cool-climate vineyard so big ripeness is challenge, and it did not happen with this vintage. At the same time, since the vineyard is located between 38 degrees and 42 degrees southern latitude, it means Patagonia enjoys and extra hour of sun from the main Argentine plantings during the growing season. Both Argentine and Chilean wines from Patagonia deliver interesting, often unique, wines. This is worth a taste, particularly if you enjoy non-assertive reds.

Bodega Aniello 006 vineyard

Patagonia provides some vineyard advantages: low relative humidity and natural controls significantly reduces the incidences of grapevine diseases. Strong Patagonian winds cause the grapes to develop a thicker skin, concentrating tannins, color, and aromas. Malbecs are not tannic wines, but this is about as tannic as they get. The terroir likely best presents itself in the long and tasty finish.

Bodega Aniello Rio Negro

Bodega Aniello 006 Malbec, Alto Valle del Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina 2020 is less fruity than Mendoza malbecs but delivers easy drinkability, comfortable tannins, impressive length on the finish. Solid wine. Solid QPR (quality-price ratio). Pair with beef; roast lamb; stuffed bell peppers; poultry. Cheese—asiago, muenster, gouda, brie, gorgonzola, camembert, cheddar. $15

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