Bodega Cerro Chapeu Castel Pujol Folklore Blanco, Rivera, Uruguay 2021

Medium straw color; peach, lemon, apple, seashell, flowers on the nose; white peach, green apple, lemon, hint of honey on the palate.

Bodega Cerro Chapeu Castel Pujol Folklore Blanco, Rivera, Uruguay 2021

Dry; medium-plus body; refreshing acidity (3.3 pH). Nice tartness and some sourness—positive comments, not negative criticism. Dense in the mouth. No tannins. Blend of 70% trebbianco, 30% malvasia. Grapes sustainably farmed. Trebbianco and malvasia are destemmed and pressed separately and fermented in stainless steel tanks. Minimal intervention winemaking—native yeasts, unfiltered, not fined. 11.5% ABV

Bodega Cerro Chapeu has deep heritage. Francisco Carrau Vehils began producing wine in Catalonia in 1752. The family began producing wine in Uruguay in 1930. The winery celebrates that it is located in one of the purest environments, according to the Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) of Columbia and Yale universities. The vineyards are located in the red, deep and sand soils of Cerro Chapeu, on the border line between Uruguay and Brazil.

The winery notes: “In 1975, Quico Carrau Pujol, in collaboration with the University of California Davis, began the search for a terroir to plant the first virus-free vines. This place had to have qualities that adapted to the climate of Uruguay, sandy soils and slopes that allowed good drainage to avoid excess water on the vine. After visiting and analyzing different soils in southern Brazil and northern Uruguay, they found this property in Rivera, Cerro Chapeu, in Cuchilla de Santana, with deep, reddish sandy soils, low fertility and very good drainage. It is here where the project to select vineyards that would adapt to this place began.”

Bodega Cerro Chapeu winery
Bodega Cerro Chapeu winemaker Francisco Carrau

Francisco Carrau holds a doctorate in yeasts and wine aromas. He has been the oenologist and participated in the direction and management of Bodegas Carrau since 1981. He currently advises in Cerro Chapeu project. Tim Atkin recognized him as the 2021 Winemaker Legend. Danny Mayo started at Bodega Cerro Chapeu in 2007 as the vineyard manager. Under Francisco Carrau’s leadership he currently directs the winemaking. Pia Carrau, a sommelier and industrial designer with a master’s degree in corporate communication, is the winery’s general manager.

Bodega Cerro Chapeu Castel Pujol Folklore Blanco, Rivera, Uruguay 2021 is fruit forward palate pleaser from Uruguay. Similar to un-oaked chardonnay. Quality maker with wine family history dating back to 1752 in Catalonia and 1930 in Uruguay. Tartness and slightly sour notes make this an exciting, edgy pour that will go well with food. Pair with seafood; shrimp, crab, lobster; seafood pastas; roast chicken; white pizza; vegetarian fare, roasted vegetables; cured meats, charcuterie board. Cheese—Italian aged cheeses; pecorino, parmigiano-reggiano, ricottta, fontina, taleggio. $22-24

Bodega Cerro Chapeu website with interesting videos and profiles of principals

Bodega Cerro Chapeu winemaker Danny Mayo
Bodega Cerro Chapeu general manager Pía Carrau
Bodega Cerro Chapeu winery and grounds
Bodega Cerro Chapeu vineyard
Bodega Cerro Chapeu vineyard