Bodegas Krontiras Doña Silvina Fresh Malbec 2013

Deep purple with some translucence; berries, plum, light earthiness on the nose; cherry, plum, blueberry, some cedar, spice and black pepper on the palate.

Very nice acidity, fresh in the mouth thanks to partial carbonic maceration (a technique where fermentation occurs inside the grape rather than in crushed juice; often associated with Beaujolais region of France); smooth and light, sips like a malbec Beaujolais; low tannins, no oak, fruit forward.
The winery was created in 2004 by Constantinos Krontiras, a Greek, and his Argentine wife, Silvina Macipe-Krontiras. It is a small family operation—30 hectares (74 acres) in two vineyards in Mendoza—some of the vines are 120 years old. Organic farming was practiced from the beginning, with biodynamic agriculture quickly added. Their website explains: “The vineyard is a live ecosystem. The soil is a live organism with needs and rights. Only live organisms should take care and fertilize the land and this is why the use of industrial fertilizers and pesticides is strictly prohibited.” The operation has both organic and biodynamic certifications. $16
Bodegas Krontiras website
Second photo: Bodegas Krontiras vineyard scene
Bodegas Krontiras Doña Silvina Fresh Malbec
Bodegas Krontiras vineyard