Boschendal The Rose Garden Rosé Wine, Western Cape, South Africa 2022

Medium copper color; strawberry, cherry, raspberry, mulberry, watermelon, spice on the nose and palate.

Boschendal The Rose Garden Rosé Wine, Western Cape, South Africa 2022

Dry to off-dry; no tannins; nice acidity (3.3 pH); light body. Simple, straightforward, clean, fresh, tasty with red fruits. Blend of merlot and pinotage. To obtain the light color, most of the juice was drained directly after crushing, although some blocks received up to two hours of skin contact. Each variety handled separately. Fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel. 12.5% ABV

Merlot delivers its plush softness to this blend. Pinotage adds spice and some intriguing notes. Pinotage is a cross between cinsault and pinot noir. It was created in South Africa in 1925 at the University of Stellenbosch by Professor Abraham Perold. Sadly, Perold never got to taste his progeny. Dr. Charles Niehaus, a young lecturer at the university, saved four seeds when Perold left the university. Niehaus nurtured the seeds and the resulting vines. It was not until 1941, the year of Perold’s death, that the first pinotage wine was made.

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Pinotage is South Africa’s signature red wine—although not the most-planted red variety. While pinotage has pinot noir as a parent, pinotage tastes more like shiraz (Australian syrah). On the other hand, pinotage retains pinot noir’s penchant to be petulant, so it easily can get out of hand. It is the little girl with the curl—when it is good, it can be very good. But when it is bad, it is horrid. It is blessedly well-behaved in this blend.

Boschendal is fundamentally a farm. Established in 1685, the operation provides farm-to-fork dining opportunities from estate-raised fruits and vegetables, to farm-raised animals that graze and nurture the soil and provide meat for the table. They have a long-term commitment to improving both the land and the people who live and work at the facility. There is a nice video on the website that describes this commitment and introduces you to all the resources available if you are ever able to visit—it is just 45 minutes from Capetown International Airport.

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Boschendal The Rose Garden Rosé Wine, Western Cape, South Africa 2022 is soft, juicy, light, enchanting with red fruits. Blend of merlot and pinotage. Simple, straightforward rosé, which means easily approachable, versatile with food, can be enjoyed on its own sipped throughout a hot day. Works as an aperitif or with finger foods at a book club or mah-jongg event. Pair with rich fish; lean fish; shellfish; shrimp; seafood in general; salads; vegetarian fare; appetizers and snacks; charcuterie board with fresh fruits, light cheese, cured meats. Cheese—mozzarella, feta, cheddar, ricotta, baby swiss—subtle cheeses. $12-15

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Boschendal cellar master Jacques Viljoen
Boschendal cap clasique winemaker Danielle Coetsee
Boschendal viticulturist Heinie Nel
Boschendal white wines maker Charl Schoeman