Dutcher Crossing Winemakers’ Cellar Riesling, Russian River Valley 2021

Medium straw color; pineapple, green apple, guava, coconut, honey, honeysuckle, beeswax, jasmine on the nose and palate.

Dutcher Crossing Winemakers’ Cellar Riesling, Russian River Valley 2021

Off-dry, with riesling’s distinctive suggestion of sweetness paired with racy acidity. Light-plus body. Interesting tartness on the finish after the honey. Riesling is a misunderstood wine in the U.S. Many think of it a sweet swill, thanks to German miscalculations in in the 1970s. Not so here, or in most rieslings today. Riesling does have a sweetness element, but that is spectacularly balance by its acidity. Many would argue riesling is the best wine in the world. That it not a position or argument I would champion because there is no best wine in the world, but there are substantial people who make that assertion. 9.5% ABV

Debra Mathy purchased Dutcher Crossing in 2007 to fulfill a lifelong yearning to own a winery in Sonoma County. The operation came with 35 acres that made five wines. In ensuing years, Debra and her team expanded on her dream. Today, Dutcher Crossing creates more than 30 wines from a variety of wine regions in Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties and owns 75 acres of estate-designated vintage.

Dutcher Crossing vineyard
Dutcher Crossing winery

The vintage penny-farthing bicycle on the label pays homage to Debra’s passion as a cyclist and collector. It also is a tribute to her father, who encouraged Debra to pursue her dreams. Today, Debra has tasked vineyard manager Enrique Reyes and winemaker Nick Briggs to take carry on the vision into the next generation. Briggs notes: “We are only as good as we are because of the people we surround ourselves with.”

Dutcher Crossing proprietor Debra Mathy

Dutcher Crossing Winemakers’ Cellar Riesling, Russian River Valley 2021 is a delicious off-dry—not dry, but with murmur of sweetness—from a quality boutique maker. Just the right amount of ephemeral sweetness to work wonderfully well with spicy food. Riesling is a spectacular wine made right, and Dutcher Crossing made this right. Works as an aperitif or sipped solo in warm day. Pair with shellfish; pork; poultry; salads and vegetarian fare; spicy foods; Thai cuisine; cured meats. Cheese—brie, camembert, ricotta, emmental, comté, appenzeller, havarti, young cheddar, monterey jack, chevre. $40

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Dutcher Crossing vineyard manager and winemaker Enrigue Reyes and Nick Briggs