El Coto Rosado, Rioja 2021

Medium copper color; strawberry, redcurrant, raspberry, tangerine, watermelon on the nose and palate.

El Coto Rosado, Rioja 2021

Dry with hint of sweetness. No tannins or oak. Light body. Made with free run juice covered by a curtain of carbonic gas to prevent oxidation. Cold maceration and pressing. Must and juice fermentation with select yeasts in temperature-controlled stainless steel. Blend of 90% tempranillo, 10% garnacha. 13.5% ABV

El Coto is large production operation of value wines. This will not deliver subtly or exotic refinement, but it does deliver very tasty strawberry-forward wine at excellent price point. Sometimes you just want fun and flavor, and this wine will provide that for you.

Bodegas El Coto de Rioja
El Coto winery

Bodega El Coto de Rioja traces its beginning to 1970s and the first harvest. The first winery opened in 1976, and a management team of owner Eduardo Santos-Ruiz, winemaker Pedro Guasch, and business and finance leaders Julian Díez and Julio Noain joined forces. By 1990, El Coto was firmly established as an international brand.

El Coto management team

International business led to expansion of the winery in 1995. By 2000, El Coto was the leading brand in Crianza and Reserva red wines in Rioja. By 2004, El Coto was the largest winery in Rioja. In 2010, they began planting white grapes on the highest vineyard in Rioja. In 2014, the company built a winery to focus on white wine.

El Coto Rosado, Rioja 2021 is fruity, tasty, simple rosado (rosé) that flaunts strawberry. Pair with rich fish and lean fish; Asian cuisine; spicy food; curries; appetizers and snacks; cured meats; charcuterie board; vegetable dishes; Spanish-style salads. Chhese—mozzarella, feta, cheddar, ricotta, baby swiss—subtle cheeses; more robust wines will overpower this effort. $10-11

El Coto website; well done and informative

El Coto vineyards map