Famiglia Zonin Extra Dry Prosecco DOC

Pale gold color; yellow apple, pear, peach, honeydew melon, lime, almonds on the nose and palate.

Famiglia Zonin Extra Dry Prosecco DOC

Extra dry, which is slightly sweet (sweeter than brut, less sweet than dry). Very fine bubbles. Crisp, clean, pleasantly fruity. Made with 100% glera grapes. After gentle pressing, half of the must undergoes an initial cold fermentation, while the other half is held at 32 degrees to preserve freshness. Both halves are then combined and undergo fermentation in the traditional Charmat mèthod in stainless steel tanks. 11% ABV

Established in 1821, the family-owned Casa Vinicola Zonin is Italy’s largest privately-held wine company. Its principal wine facility is located in Gambellara (halfway between Verona and Venice) in the province of Vicenza, the ancestral home of the Zonin family. “Commendatore” Domenico Zonin put the winery on the world map; born in 1899, he lived to be 101, a lifetime spanning three centuries. Gianni Zonin next led the company; he emphasized a green approach to ecologically sustainable viticulture and control of the wine process from vineyard to distribution. In 2014, leadership shifted to Gianni’s sons Domenico, Francesco, Michele, and Giuseppe.

Gianni Zonin and his sons Francesco, Michele, and Domenico

Zonin also has strong links on the hills of Gambellara, a small village in the heart of the Veneto Region between Venice and Verona where they have produced wine for more than 200 years and where this bottle is produced. Zonin is one of the leading prosecco brands. 

Zonin glera vineyard in Veneto region

Famiglia Zonin Extra Dry Prosecco DOC is a fresh, clean, crisp, very approachable bubbly made by Italy’s largest privately-held wine company. It has deep experience in the region and with glera grapes. Outstanding QPR. With its tinge of sweetness and pleasing mousse, will pleasure diverse range of wine drinkers. Works as an aperitif. Pair with fish; crab; pear-seared salmon; chicken pesto; pasta dishes; salads; vegetarian fare. Also can work as a dessert wine. Cheese—earthy cheeses; camambert, brie are classic, baby swiss, parmesan, parmgiano reggiano. $10-12

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