Game Box Wine Wondercade Edition Rosé Wine 2022

Pale copper color; strawberry, raspberry, flowers on the nose; strawberry, watermelon, cherry, raspberry citrus on the palate.

Game Box Wine Wondercade Edition Rosé Wine 2022

Dry to off-dry; fruit-forward. Slight acidity. No tannins. Soft and tasty, a genuine California rosé. At first you might think any wine, especially a boxed wine, is all gimmick and no quality. Not so. A commodity rosé in gimmick package, yes, but well-made commodity wine. And an engaging package, too. 12.5% ABV

Background. Wondercade is the newsletter and website of actor Neil Patrick Harris. The weekly newsletter covers the worlds of food and drink, design, entertainment, and experiences. Wondercade’s mission statement: “life should be entertaining.”

From the website: “I asked myself, ‘Self, what’s more fun than game night and a bottle of wine?’ And then I realized I had asked myself a trick question. But even I cannot outsmart myself, so I arrived at the right answer: The only thing better than game night and a bottle of wine is game night on a bottle of wine. Or, to be even more precise (so I guess I can outsmart myself), game night on a box of wine that’s actually the equivalent of four bottles.”

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The wine box is covered with art, puzzles, riddles, stories, brainteasers. According to Game Box marketing director Blaire Fraser: “Anyone who remembers exploring the back of their favorite cereal box will instantly understand Game Box Wines.” Fraser adds: “We have crafted delicious, premium California wines housed in one-of-a-kind, creative packaging that not only reduces packaging waste but also keeps wine fresh for up to four weeks after opening instead of the typical 2-3 days a glass wine bottle provides.”

Game Box Wine Wondercade Edition Rosé Wine 2022 is delightfully refreshing, delivers tasty red fruits. It may not be a serious wine, but simplicity, easy drinking, and fun are its raison d’être, not a flaw. Enjoy the wine. Enjoy the playful packaging. Test yourself on the riddles and laugh at the humor while you enjoy a decent rosé. You can pair this with parade of party and comfort food—from chicken nuggets to pizza to fresh fruit. $22 for 3-liter box (equivalent to $5.50 a bottle).

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This is commodity wine assembled from producers throughout California. There are no photos of a winery or vineyards.