Graffigna Glorious Selection Malbec, Valley de Uco, Argentina 2020

Deep ruby-purple color; red plum, black cherry, blueberry, raspberry, oak, violets, spice, chocolate, pepper on the nose and palate.

Graffigna Glorious Selection Malbec, Valley de Uco, Argentina 2020

Dry; modest tannin and mouthwatering acidity. Medium body; bold for a malbec. Juicy, fruity ripe fruits from the Uco Valley with its cool weather, high elevation, and well-drained alluvial soils. Works as a pop-and-pour, but softens and integrates with some air time. Consider decanting or opening the bottle a hour before enjoying. And you will enjoy. 14.5% ABV

In 1870, Santiago Graffigna founded one of Argentina’s oldest wineries. Santiago was just 12 years old when the Italian boy journeyed to Argentina to help his uncle to plant the first wine vines in the San Juan Valley. Santiago eventually made world-class wines. Graffigna is the third-oldest wine producer in Argentina.

Graffigna Winery

The winery notes: “To the fruit of this work he put his own name, Graffigna, as a symbol of his pride and worthy representative of his quality. Today, 150 years after embarking on his adventure, we continue to honor his vision through complex wines that transmit the true expression of each variety, with deep aromas, flavors and great character.”

Graffigna Glorious Selection Malbec, Valley de Uco, Argentina 2020 is a very appealing mix of floral and savory aromas followed by juicy dark and red fruits with depth and deliciousness. Smooth, easy drinker. Excellent, classic Argentine malbec; bold and authentic. Pair with pork ribs; barbecue beef, pork, or chicken; beef; lamb; turkey. Pair with lamb; roasted or grilled beef, not enough tannic bite to work with heavily marbled cuts; cured meats—salami, prosciutto; chicken. Cheese—asiago, muenster, gouda, brie, gorgonzola, camembert, cheddar. $18-20

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