King Estate Pinot Gris Oregon Signature Collection 2013

King Estate Pinot Gris Oregon Signature Collection 2013: Pale yellow; melon-tangerine-flowers nose; green melon, tangerine, lilt of lemon,

pear, apple, citrus, white peach on the palate; fresh, silky, modestly delicate on the taste but has substantial mouthfeel, good acidity, easily slides into a graceful and long finish. King Estate is Oregon’s largest producer and best known for its pinot gris (pinot grigio in Italian). Arguably, pinot gris is the signature Oregon grape variety, although pinot noir and chardonnay might object to that assertion. Pinot gris/grigio should be considered the third big white wine, behind (or alongside) chard and sauv blanc. The connecting thread is food friendliness when made to be so, usually meaning good acidity and low oak (King Estate’s pinto gris is all stainless steel). There are two pinot gris styles, a full-bodied Alsatian style that has higher alcohol and a slightly oily texture that engenders the full-body nature of the wine; King Estate is in this style. Italian pinot grigio typically is similar but lighter in body, more acidic, and less fruity (often because grapes are deliberately harvested early). These, however, are nuance differences. Pinot gris/grigio should be on your food pairing go-to list, and King Estate is a go-to maker who touches all the admirable Left Coast, feel good points with organic, sustainable viticulture. $17 King Estate Pinot Gris Oregon Signature Collection