MacMurray Estate Vineyards Central Coast Pinot Noir 2013

MacMurray Estate Vineyards Central Coast Pinot Noir 2013: Translucent ruby-burgundy color; whiffs of cherry, raspberry on the nose; cherry, raspberry, vanilla, restrained oak on the palate; ripe fruit, silky mouthfeel,

well-behaved tannin, nice acidity (3.61 pH) to make it superbly food-friendly. MacMurray again delivers a delicious value-for-price pinot effort; it may not soar to etherial delights pinot can achieve, but you pay two or three times the price for that experience; two or three of these bottles instead of one of those top shelf efforts is a deal to take, especially for a multi-bottle feast. Thank yourself when the credit card bill arrives. And, if you wish, MacMurray makes the higher-dollar pours, too; this is the entry level offering in their pinot portfolio. The Central Coast grapes come from the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation, one of the stars of the Central Coast pinot noir region. The grapes enjoy a cool, windy home (regularly 20 mph) that brings a maritime chill from the Pacific Ocean, which keeps grapes cool in the intense Central Coast mid-day sun. Throw in a blanket of fog that regularly rolls in every morning and evening. Voilà—superb conditions that bring out classic cherry and raspberry notes of cool-climate pinot noir. MacMurray also has a great multi-family, multi-generational backstory. It began as the Porter family farm in the 1850s. Actor Fred MacMurray (My Three Sons) purchased the property in 1941 and raised black angus cattle. The Gallo Family purchased the ranch and planted vines in the mid-1990s, but MacMurray’s daughter, Kate, remains a part of its operation as chief spokesperson and activist in Sonoma County causes and organizations; MacMurray Ranch is the site of the annual Taste of Sonoma all-star event over Labor Day weekend. Now expanded beyond the original 1,500 acres, MacMurray focuses on pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot gris. This is an easily approachable wine, food friendly, pocketbook friendly (for a quality pinot), and has wide distribution (the Gallo effect)—so, no excuses find some to enjoy. $23
Second photo: Kate MacMurray
MacMurray Estate Vineyards Central Coast Pinot Noir