McBride Sisters Truvée Rosé 2015

Light peach color; delicate floral nose; lemon, strawberry, raspberry lightly on the palate;

this wine is superbly light and ethereal in the mouth; dry, deliciously delicate fruit; grenache grapes.

Making cocktails is one of the engaging properties of rosé. The Truvée website offers a Truvée Rosé and Tanqueray recipe:

Truvée Rosé—12 ounces 
Tanqueray No. 10 Gin—6 ounces 
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice—12 ounces
Simple Syrup—1 ounce (or to taste) 
Garnish with aromatic, edible flowers 
Serves six. 

The wine operation has a sensational back story. The McBride sisters were born and raised 7,000 miles apart. Robin grew up in California, Andréa in New Zealand. Neither knew of the other’s existence.

Things changed when Andréa was 12 years old and received a call from her father. “He said he had just gotten out of the penitentiary. He said he had terminal stomach cancer. And oh, by the way, you have a sister.” Andréa’s father said he thought Andréa’s sis lived in California. Andréa’s life had been somewhat chaotic. After divorcing Andréa’s father, her mom died of breast cancer when Andréa was seven. A foster family in New Zealand raised her.

Then came the phone call from a father she never knew. The sisters found each other just before their father died. Andréa became a 6-foot-1-inch USC volleyball and track and field star who studied international business and was fascinated by wine. Robin worked in electronics marketing and was fascinated by wine. Today, their wine company is the first one run by African American sisters. They are a millennial amazing story making wines targeting millennials; expect them to be a wine force for quite some time. $15

Truvée Wines website
Second photo: Robin and Andréa McBride

McBride Sisters Truvée Rosé 2015
Robin and Andréa McBride