Mother’s Day 2015

As the quip goes, “give mom wine on Mother’s Day because you are why she drinks.”

That noted, and since mom might enjoy wine irrespective of the vexing tribulations you inflicted, suggestions on how to make her day special:

  • Mother’s Day happens as spring’s sweetest bounty, strawberries, come into season. Sparkling wine pairs wonderfully with strawberries. You can drink almost any bubbly and eat strawberries, or you can make delightful punches using strawberries and ingredients such as lemonade (many strawberry-sparkling punches include lemonade). If you dip strawberries in chocolate or other sweet coating, go with sweet sparkling like moscato or a Barefoot Bubbly effort. Or ramp up to port or sherry.
  • Go big by preparing a full Mother’s Day meal. Sparkling can still participate—begin by toasting her with bubbly. Pairing wine with main course depends on main course, of course, but if you are unsure, two go-to’s to go-to: sauvignon blanc and pinot noir. These are great, easy-to-find, food-friendly pours. They do not work as well with heavy red meats, that’s cab’s corner.
  • If mom is in her salad days—favoring produce section over butcher’s block—sauv blanc still works, but also look to grüner veltliner, a green veggie virtuoso pairing. Make sure acidity of the wine is same or higher than acidity of the salad dressing (grüner will do that). Tart vinaigrette paired with tart wine seems as if it would overwhelm, but they actually complement each other to clean your palate and allow mom to more fully enjoy tossed medley of salad flavors surrounded by the people she loves.

Tasting notes:

  • Hugl Weine Grüner Veltliner 2012: Citrus, tropical fruits; flavors demure and self-effacing, making it exceptionally food friendly, classic pair with green vegetables, lighter offerings; Austria’s answer to riesling—best wine you haven’t yet tasted. $14 (liter)
  • Geyser Peak Pinot Noir 2012: Tart cherry, strawberry, raspberry, plum, truffle touch; light body, lean tannin, tinge of acidity; clean, soft mouth, easy drinker, dollop of elegantly reserved finesse; nice value-for-price. $16
  • William Hill North Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2013. Fruity lemon, grapefruit, lime, pineapple pinch; soft mouth; sauv blanc newbies will love this. $17

Last round: It is not considered drinking wine alone if your children are screaming outside your closet door.