Ridgeback The Lion Hound Red 2012

Ridgeback The Lion Hound Red 2012: Ruby color; vivid, very pleasing nose; juicy dark cherry, plum, licorice, raspberry, spice;

creamy medium body, unassertive tannin and acidity. Western Cape South Africa entry-level wine specifically made for export; easy drinker with fruity sweetness, as you would expect from blend of shiraz, grenache, merlot, mourvèdre, cabernet sauvignon, and viognier. Name choice reflects winery management’s background in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia. Lion dogs were developed by breeding pioneer’s dogs with semi-domesticated, ridged hunting dogs; they became legendary in the bushveld on lion hunts. The wine, however, does not reflect the gnarly, edgy, aggressively rustic moniker. Instead, this fully domesticated pour competes in the Yellow Tail-Apothic palate space, perhaps bringing a touch more complexity and depth. Lion Hound Red works well as every day pizza wine, second bottle offering, training-wheel pour before you step up in price and sophistication. $12-16Ridgeback The Lion Hound Red