Santiago Ruiz O Rosal White Wine 2020

Pale gold color; apple, honeydew melon, pear, nectarine on the nose; green apple, lemon, pear, grapefruit, nectarine, citrus, minerality-salinity on the palate.

Santiago Ruiz O Rosal White Wine 2020

Dry, but hint of honey; full and rich in the mouth for a white wine. Excellent acidity (3.37 ph). Impressive complexity. Mostly albariño (82%), with 9% Loureiro, 4% caiño blanco, 3% treixadura, 2% godello. These are the five native grape varieties in the Rías Baixas, and the percentages vary somewhat with each vintage, but albariño always is the main variety.

The Santiago Ruiz vineyard is located in Tomiño (O Rosal area) on the Miño River Estuary, the southernmost sub-region of Rías Baixas. O Rosal wines benefit from the close proximity to both the river and the Atlantic Ocean. As with most albariño-led wines from this area, there is a pleasing salinity-minerality that makes them perfect for pairing with fish and seafood. 12.5% ABV

The grapes are hand-harvested and placed in small crates, then hand sorted in the winery. The website notes: “The ancient Santiago Ruiz winery, located in a 17th Century building and surrounded by old vines that are trained on pergolas in the ancient manner, is testimony to the winemaking tradition that has carried on here for generations. It is found in a typically idyllic Galician estate, with the vines surrounded by orange trees and adorned with historic mansions and many beautiful flowers.”

The Ruiz winemaking legacy started in the 1800s. The family’s maternal grandfather was one of the first to produce and label wines in Galicia. Santiago Ruiz was the first to bring stainless steel tanks to the region and was a dedicated ambassador for the Rías Baixas. More than 50 years ago, Santiago’s eldest daughter celebrated her wedding on the family estate. To help guests find their way, she drew a map that captivated her father with the little details. That map appears on the label today. The text on the label is Santiago’s handwriting.

Santiago Ruiz O Rosal White Wine 2020 is a full and complex pour led by albariño and abetted by the other four native Rías Baixas grape varieties. Excellent example of the tart, food-friendly wines from northwestern Spain. Vineyard located in choice location influenced by both the Miño River—the boundary between Spain and Portugal—and the Atlantic Ocean. Works as an aperitif, with charcuteries board with soft cheeses. Pair with seafood; lean fish; shellfish; there is a legendary pairing with a local octopus dish, Pulpo a la Gallega; tapas; shrimp salad; sushi; pasta dishes; appetizers and snacks; vegetarian fare. Cheese—soft cheeses like burrata and semi-hard cheeses such as manchego, gouda, salty feta. $18-21

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Santiago Ruiz has a website that was not working when I visited it, thus no photos to share. The Well Oiled Wine Company website has no photos.