Come hither, my dear; let us pursue the pleasures of today’s topic: seduction.

To begin, what is best pour to seduce someone into enjoying wine?

Answer: Start sweet; “sourness” is what usually bothers people who don’t like wine. You could hook up with a hussy like white zin, but moscato d’Asti is classier choice.

Moscato d’Asti is slightly sweet, nicely fragrant, delicious on some level to almost everyone. It is slightly sparkling—frizzante—and low in alcohol. If your friend cannot find something to love in moscato d’Asti, you may not be able to get them interested in wine.

When you want to introduce someone to wine, muscat is the go-to grape; moscato d’Asti is the go-to bottle.

What wine is best when pure seduction is your goal?

You probably already guessed. Pop the cork on something scintillating: Champagne (or sparkling wine if you are on a budget).

First, there is naked glamour. Present a chilled bottle of bubbly and odds are pretty good your partner will know where you desire this adventure to go.

Second, science is on your side.

English researchers tested this. Half a group drank Champagne with all the fizz. Other half drank same wine after it had been whisked to remove bubbles. A week later, the white coats switched glasses on the groups and repeated the experiment.

Finding: those who drank fizzy stuff were more intoxicated quicker by every indicator, even blood alcohol levels.

Want to seduce someone into appreciating wine: moscato d’Asti.

Want to seduce someone into appreciating you: Champagne/sparkling.


• Castello del Poggio Moscato d’Asti. Sweet but not cloying; very smooth and fresh; big fruit, crisp apples, honey; alcohol 7%; really easy to love. $15

• Bevlamo Moscato D’Asti 2011. Very sweet stone fruit, tangerine, honey; low alcohol win for those not into wine; neat blue bottle a plus; 5.5% alcohol. $17

• Elio Perrone Bigaro 2011. Moscato-brachetto rosé blend; sweet; concentrated raspberry, peach, honeysuckle, flowers; slight fizz; 5% alcohol. $19