Too much wine

Recent report from Winemakers Federation of Australia spotlights growing problem.

Aussie harvest is in, grapes crushed, vintage seems better than good, juice supply is 10 percent higher than last year, which also was good year. Panic. There is too much good stuff in Australia.

“We have been blessed by having three out of the last four vintages being very strong from a quality perspective,” Federation chief Paul Evans reports. “We feel like the volume is too much, and it’s not matched against current demand.”

Golly. Too much good wine. Maybe the price comes down. Maybe some of us poor blokes for whom a Jackson ($20) is the high end of our wine whirl might be able to sip stuff swells swirl at their snooty soirees. Such terrible news.

Okay, it takes a big investment in money and time and sweat and toil to turn your back 40 into a postcard vineyard. People will stop doing that if there’s no more profit in it than what they could have enjoyed by picking up a bottle at the local wine shop on their way home from a sinecure desk job in an air-conditioned office. Understand. We want you to profit and make more good wine.

Down Under frets because production is up and quality is up yet again. Such a problem.

Surely mates who gave us “Waltzing Matilda” and Nicole Kidman can make this work.

The news from Australia reinforces the belief the world is awash in the best wine in the history of the world. The answer is to relax and drink more wine.

Come on, folks and blokes and mates. We can do this. Aussies are good people. They are counting on us.

Tasting notes:

• Black Swan Shiraz & Merlot 2003. Bit grape-juicy Aussie commodity blend, held up well for 10 years aging (newer likely in your store); dark berries, plum; soft, sweet value. $6

• Woolundry Road South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. Nice, light cab; cherry, prune, mild tannin; value alternative to bombastic cabs. $13

• William Hardy Shiraz 2011. Delicious, dry, smooth, full body; plum predominates, chocolate; chewy tannin, oak, acidity; shiraz-malbec winner. $17

Last round: “If you want to become a rich, pretentious snot—and who doesn’t?—you should learn about wine.”—Dave Barry