Toschi Vineyards Riesling 2013

Toschi Vineyards Riesling 2013: Peach, citrus, apricot, spice; balanced, medium dry, acceptable  acidity; straightforward, easy drinker; will go well with many foods; enough sweetness to please those who dread dry, enough restraint to not offend those who prefer dry. Toschi is winemaker in San Joaquin Valley, which is by far the largest producing region in the United States—it is 220 miles long and 40-60 miles wide. San Joaquin region has more than 150,000 grape-growing acres (French Colombard is most-grown grape with 28,000 acres, followed by chardonnay with 16,000; zinfandel is most-grown red with 14,000 acres); almost half of California grape crush comes from the San Joaquin Valley; if you eat raisins or drink boxed wine, it likely came from here. Toschi aims for little higher quality and achieves. $9Toschi Vineyards Riesling