Wine cocktails

Most think of wine as drink poured pure and paired with food. But, whoopee, wine also can be paired with other wine or ingredients to create “wine cocktails.”

These wine wonders are delicious summertime treats, so as summer solstice summons, wine mixing meanderings.

You gotta love the exotic names of wine cocktails:

• Nelson’s Blood. Named for Horatio Nelson, English hero. 5 oz of Champagne, prosecco or other sparkling wine, 1 oz of tawny port (the blood), garnish with optional mint leaves, toss in a dash of sugar to taste. Toast the fleet before you drink.

• Marilyn Monroe. What better summertime drink than one named for Joe DiMaggio’s second wife. 4 oz of Champagne, prosecco, or other sparkling wine, 1 oz of apple brandy, dash of Grenadine syrup, garnish with a cherry.

• Kir Imperial. Rule the world. 5 oz of Champagne or sparkling wine—prosecco is very good for this, 1 oz of raspberry liqueur (Chambord).

• Kir Royale. Rule the kingdom. 5 oz of Champagne or sparkling wine, 1 oz Crème de Cassis.

• Bellini. Get complicated. Place 1 oz of peach nectar or peach puree in flute, 5 oz of prosecco, add a splash of raspberry syrup or Chambord.

• Poinsettia. Christmas in summer. One-half ounce of Cointreau or triple sec, 3 oz cranberry juice, fill rest of glass with prosecco, garnish with orange zest.

• Mimosa. Couldn’t be simpler, excellent breakfast drink on decadent weekend. Ingredients: bottle or two of Champagne or sparkling wine, carton of orange juice. Cheers.


• Giovello Prosecco. Peaches, pears, light on the acid, good wine cocktail base. Italy. $12

• Adami Prosecco. Nimble, light bubbles, good wine cocktail base. Italy. $16

• Gruet Brut. Crisp, full-bodied from excellent maker; wonderful bubbles. New Mexico. $16