13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Light golden straw color; lively citrus nose; lemon-lime, grapefruit, green apple, citrus, peach on the palate.

Wonderful cutting acidity (3.2 pH)—the key to sauv blanc’s ability to pair with so many foods. It really shines with shellfish, lighter fish, lighter poultry, and tart cheese.

The label highlights a gimmick: when the wine is proper temperature of 13 degrees celsius (55.5 degrees Fahrenheit) a dot in the middle of the label is blue. This is a Marlborough sauv blanc but does not present much cut grass on the nose at the recommended temperature. No matter, it offers pleasing mouthfeel, is an easy drinker, and always there is that exciting acidity in the background to remind you this is sauv blanc, this is from New Zealand. No oak or tannins, concentrated fruit, bright, very crisp and precise, dry, medium body. It nails all the check boxes you expect from a Marlborough sauv blanc. The maker’s suggested price isn’t compelling, but you likely can find it discounted, and then it becomes a go-for-it purchase. $17 (but it can be had for $13 in many places)

13 Celsius Vineyards website
13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc