Qupé A Modern White Central Coast 2014

Light golden yellow color with hint of green; floral nose; pear, some citrus, spice, apple on the palate.

Very sleek wine—virtually no oak, no cloying butter and vanilla (the wine spends some time in barrel, but never in new oak); medium body, polite acidity, easy drinker with no bite or rough edges, stunningly clean. Blend of viognier, chardonnay and marsanne, sourced from vineyards in Santa Maria Valley, Edna Valley, Los Olivos, and Santa Ynez.

Qupé and winemaker Bob Lindquist are noted for their chardonnays and their focus on Rhône grapes; Lindquist was an original Rhône Ranger in the 1980s (also an obnoxiously devoted Dodger fan by many accounts). This effort strives to appeal to Millennials through its clean taste, its extremely modest use of oak, and its dedication to biodynamic grape farming. In biodynamics, the vineyard as a whole is considered a living thing and the grapes as just one of its products. Bob first investigated biodynamics in 2004; today his winemaker wife Louisa is equally fervent. Sons Ethan and Luke and daughter Paige also participate in the family business.

I first tasted and reviewed this wine back on October 3, 2015 and enjoyed it. I commented then it is a white that benefits from air—from time in your glass—and that observation was reinforced this tasting. I also paired the wine with a deliciously ripe pear and a slice of mild cheddar (morbier would have been better, but did not have), and the combo was delightful for Saturday afternoon after earning relaxation time by doing Texas highway cleanup with my Rotary Club, in the rain BTW, and grocery shopping for the family.

Qupé (kyoo-PAY—Native American Chumash name for the California poppy) is an iconic maker, and this is another winning effort. $16-17

Qupé Winery website

Second photo: Qupé owner Bob Lindquist

Qupé A Modern WhiteQupé owner Bob Lindquist