Bodegas Valdamor Namorio Albariño Rias Baixas 2014

Pale gold color; peaches, flowers on the nose; peach, melon, minerality on the palate. Dry, medium body, crisp, balanced, satisfying.

Albariño is a small, thick-skinned grape that resists fungal disease, which is important in Rias Baixas region with all its rain. It is low yielding and expensive to cultivate—most vineyards use the pergola (parra) system for training vines, so harvesters must stand on boxes to reach the grapes. The Rias Baixas region is in northwestern Spain, hugging the border with northern Portugal. Across the border, the grape is called “alvarinho” and is the principal grape used in vinho verde wines. Like vinho verde, this is outstanding wine for warmer weather sipping.

Rias Baixas is one of the most prestigious D.O. regions in Spain, and the only white wine D.O. Bodegas Valdamor is a family-owned winery founded in 1990 and dedicated to working only with albariño grapes. The winery name comes from an ancient Galician tale (Rias Baixas is located in Galicia) about two lovers whose families were enemies. The lovers planted a vine that grew stronger as their love grew, eventually yielding a delicious, golden fruit never seen before. Every since, the villagers have called the valley “Valdamore,” which in Galician means “Valley of Love.” There is good chance you will love this wine. $16-18

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Second photo: Bodegas Valdamor

Third photo: Pergola-parra grape growing system

Bodegas Valdamor Namorio AlbariñoBodegas ValdamorPergola-parra system