Casa Vinicola Zonin Prosecco White Edition NV

Very light yellow with green tints color; delicate spring flowers, peach nose; lemon zest, peach, some tropical fruit notes on the palate.

Crisp, light, refreshing, nice bubbles, ideal for an aperitif or summer sipping around the patio or pool. Great outdoor event wine. Good acidity, touch of sweetness (but this is by no means a sweet wine, it is equivalent to extra dry in Champagne), nice fruitiness. Its acidity, smoothness, and hint of sweet make it a great pairing with spicy foods.

Zonin Prosecco White Edition is one of three bottlings in a departure for the winery with seven-generations of heritage. White Edition is 91% glera (the classic grape of Prosecco; to be Prosecco there must be at least 85% glera grapes) and 9% pinot bianco (pinot blanc in France, a grape very similar to chardonnay). The Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition blends in some pinot grigio; the Zonin Prosecco Black Edition blends in some pinot noir; collectively Zonin calls them their “Dress Code Collection.”

The winery was established in 1821 and remains in the family today. They focused exclusively on 100% glera Proseccos until this White-Grey-Black experiment. I will review the Grey and Black editions in future tasting notes. Casa Vinicola Zonin is Italy’s largest privately-held wine company. It is located in Gambellara (halfway between Verona and Venice) in the province of Vicenza, the ancestral home of the Zonin family. “Commendatore” Domenico Zonin put the winery on the world map; born in 1899, he lived to be 101, a lifetime spanning three centuries. Gianni Zonin leads the company today; he emphasizes a green approach to ecologically sustainable viticulture and control of the wine process from vineyard to distribution.

Zonin Prosecco White Edition is delicious delight, well worth sipping this summer—or any time of the year. $14-17

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Second photo: Zonin family, Gianni Zonin is on the left.

Casa Vincola Zonin Prosecco White Edition NV
Second photo- Zonin family, Gianni Zonin is on the left.