Chateau Domecq White Wine, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico 2021

Medium gold color; yellow apple, tangerine, white peach on the nose; yellow apple, pineapple, tangerine, mandarin orange, white peach, oak on the palate.

Chateau Domecq White Wine, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico 2021

Dry; pleasant use of oak with malo buttery frame. This is not an over-the-top oak and butter bomb, but a well-produced chardonnay with the oak and butter present but not constantly demanding attention. Creamy in the mouth with subtle citrus bite in the midpalate and short finish. Blend of 60% chardonnay, 40% viogmier. Fermented and aged for six months in new and second-use French oak with periodic batonage to enhance body and smoothness. No tannins, mild acidity. 12.6% ABV

Winery and vineyards are in Mexico’s Baja California wine country. The Valle de Guadalupe is in the Ensenada Municipality. Twelve miles north of the city of Ensenada and 70 miles southeast of the border crossing from San Diego to Tijuana. Founded in 1972, Chateau Domecq is one of Mexico’s leading brands and the first commercial winery in Baja. The Mediterranean climate, morning fogs from the Pacific, and valley topography is very similar to parts of California—the valley is called the Napa Valley of Mexico. If you did not see the label, you could easily mistake this for a quality California supermarket chardonnay; the thoughtful mix with viognier gives it welcomed depth.

Chateau Domecq winery
Chateau Domecq cellar

The winery was established by the late Pedro Domecq, who was a member of the centuries-old Spanish family renowned for its sherries and ports. Pedro left Spain for Mexico to start out on his own and established the brandy business, an affiliate of Pedro Domecq Spain. In 1948, the Mexican government banned the import of luxury goods such as wine, encouraging Casa Pedro Domecq to establish the winery and distillery in Baja California. Domecq de Mexico is a world leader among brandy producers, with its Presidente and Don Pedro brands. When moving into the wine country, Domecq began to make their first table wines in 1969 from grapes grown in the state of Zacatecas.

Chateau Domecq winemaker Alberto Verdeja

Chateau Domecq White Wine, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico 2021 is fresh, smooth with interesting citrus bite from the viognier. Chardonnay takes the lead, however, with yellow apple followed by parade of citrus and other fruit flavors. If you have not experienced a wine from Mexico, this is excellent place to start. Pairs with several Mexican dishes; fish tacos; shrimp ceviche; chicken; lighter fish; butter-based sauces; garden salads. Cheese—semi-mature cheeses, mild and creamy cheeses, fresh goat cheese; brie, triple cream, monterey jack; aged gruyere, gouda, blue cheese. $14-16

Chateau Domecq website (Spanish, Facebook)

Chateau Domecq celebrates 50th anniversary
Chateau Domecq celebrates 50th anniversary
Chateau Domecq vineyard
Chateau Domecq harvest