Exitus Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine 2016

Deep ruby color; Bourbon barrel (toasted oak, caramel, tobacco), blackberry, black cherry, plum on the nose; blackberry, plum, black cherry, leather, chocolate, spice on the palate.

Exitus Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine 2016

Dry; very smooth with smoky intensity and unexpected depth. Fermented in stainless steel then aged for three months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Blend of zinfandel, petit verdot, cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah, merlot—pretty much kitchen sink of California reds. Plenty of alcohol—15.9% ABV; nicely balancing acidity—3.65 pH; tame tannins.

There is niche for bourbon barrel aged wines. They deliver a distinct experience which some would assert it is beverage niche rather than a serious wine niche. Those who enjoy this approach will not care and snort snide comments about wine snobs. Exitus plays on this rebellious side. Tattoos, “the renegade spirit” proclamations, presenting maps of “our favorite badass bars” on its website. Their moto: “wine without rules.”

Exitus wine website page

As the website landing page proclaims: “Bold and unconventional, Exitus is our answer to the monotony of boring, forgettable wines. Crafted for the adventurous drinker looking for a classic novel experience, we solicited the signature smoky notes of classic Kentucky Bourbon barrels to turn up the heat on our big, Zin-based wine.”

The technique includes going “far beyond the subtle “toast” of traditional wine barrels, Bourbon barrels are set ablaze, which creates a visibly blackened interior, known as a “char.” When introduced to a high proof moonshine like Bourbon, the caramelized wood sugars of the charred barrels react to deliver Bourbon’s signature mellow, smoky smooth profile – a nuance that we were determined to crossover into wine.”

All that said, Exitus remains a zin-based concoction, and zin really does not have a rustic, gnarly side. High alcohol when very ripe, sure, but don’t count on zin for cheek-puckering tannic power or barnyard and earth notes. This has a veneer of bad ass, but on weekdays it returns to its day job behind the counter in a retail store.

Exitus Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine 2016 delivers on its promise to be unconventional, but at the same time it is traditional high-alcohol, lip-smacking zin supported by all the usual California red grape suspects. The leading note is how smooth and delicious this is amid smoke screen of bourbon barrel flavors. Sophisticated? No. Expressive of terroir or varietal grape? No. Fun to drink for those who want to party down? Emphatic yes. And I’m sure the makers of this effort consider that evaluation high praise. Pair with comfort food like burgers and sliders, pizza, meat loaf, barbecue, but it probably is best appreciate solo while telling tall tails and trading insults among hard-living, fun-loving friends. $19

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Exitus wine website page
Exitus webpage map of “our favorite badass bars”

Since grapes are sourced and there is no charming winery, there are no pastoral pictures of the Exitus operation. Hardly a surprise.