Famille Perrin Luberon La Vieille Ferme Reserve Sparkling Blanc

Pale gold color; peach-pear, lemon, citrus, yellow apple, bread yeast/brioche, minerality on the nose and palate.

Famille Perrin Luberon La Vieille Ferme Reserve Sparkling Blanc

Brut; refreshing, sprightly, excellent acidity. Blend of 90% chardonnay, 10% ugni blanc (trebbiano). No tannins. Very fine bubbles from breakthrough process created by Famille Perrin. Light, effervescent body. Delightful sparkling that punches well above its weight. 12%%

Perrin produces a number of wines under different labels. They include Château de Beaucastel, Miraval (using grapes grown on property owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), Domaine du Clos des Tourelles, Famille Perrin–Sélections Parcellaires, Famille Perrin–Les Crus, La Vieille Ferme, and La Vieille Ferme Sparkling (this effort). They are famed as master blenders, with each of their wines delightfully reflecting terroir.

Famille Perrin La Vieille Ferme lands (from website video)

This sparkling is made using methode contemporaine, a new process created by Famille Perrin that introduces CO2 stored during fermentation. The CO2 is cleaned, compressed, then re-introduced just before bottling. The result, at least in this bottle, is tiny bubbles and a mouthfeel similar to the much more complicated and expensive traditional method.

From the Famille Perrin website: “It is no coincidence Famille Perrin is the leading organic wine grower of the Southern Rhône Valley where they occupy the regions best terroirs. Their values have given them a worldwide reputation for excellence: absolute respect for the soil, a commitment to manual methods and a deep belief that organic viticulture is the only way to express the true essence of the terroir. Moreover the combination of talents within the family ensures the continuation of their unique expertise. Nature and tradition are key to the Famille Perrin way and this approach has continued seamlessly over five generations.” The Perrins banned all chemical fertilizers and herbicides from their vineyards in 1964.

Famille Perrin

Jean Pierre Perrin established Le Vieille Ferme a half century ago to produce straightforward, affordable Rhône wines. He used the same grape varieties and in the same similar proportions as the family’s more up-market Château de Beaucastel. In 1980, Vineyard Brands introduced Le Vieille Ferme to the United States and has enjoyed significant success since.

Château de Beaucastel, Famille Perrin

Famille Perrin Luberon La Vieille Ferme Reserve Sparkling Blanc delivers nice, cutting acidity and a creamy mouthfeel, a nice trick for a sparkling at this price point. Famille Perrin is a major maker, especially in organic wines. This is a nice—very nice, very impressive—entry-level effort. Works as an aperitif; with appetizers and snack food. Pair with shellfish; boiled shrimp; fried oysters; lean fish; chicken dishes, especially with white sauces; salads; vegetarian fare. Cheese—soft cheeses; goat cheeses; brie, camembert, gruyere. Can work with hard, dry cheeses—swiss, parmesan. $12-14

Famille Perrin La Vieille Ferme Sparkling website

La Cave—tasting room for Famille Perrin
Famille Perrin barrel aging