Godelia Godello-Doña Blanca 2015

Pale straw color with hint of green; pear, lemon, white-fruits on the nose; grapefruit, citrus, pear, ginger on the palate.

Godelia Godello-Doña Blanca 2015

Dry; good acidity and minerality; light, fresh, and creamy in the mouth; nicely complex after five months on the lees with frequent bâttonage (stirring); very easy to drink. Blend of 80% godello and 20% doña blanca. The acidity, citrus, lemon, and minerality hit mid-palate and continue through the long finish, where an intriguing pinch of salt enters into the mix. Made in stainless steel, no barrel aging.

Grown in Spain and Portugal, godello is a grape that barely escaped extinction in the 1970s when there were only a few hundred vines left on Earth. Horacio Fernández and Luis Hidalgos came to the rescue, and today there are some 2,500 acres planted in its supposed native home of Galicia. This wine comes from the adjacent Bierzo region in Castilla y Leon in northwestern Spain near the border with Portugal, where it most often is blended with other wines. The grape’s popularity also increased in Portugal, where godello is planted in some 2,500 acres in the Douro and Dão regions; where sometimes it is called gouveio. In addition to its use in blends in Portugal, the grape also is used to make white Port.

Godelia Godello-Doña Blanca 2015 is a nice change-of-pace from un-oaked chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Great acidity and palate-cleansing sharpness. Pair with fish, shellfish, light meat dishes, anything that would pair with un-oaked chardonnay or sauv blanc—in other words, almost anything other than fatty, rich red meats. Works with salads and vegan dishes. Also works as aperitif or summer sipper by the pool or backyard patio. $15-19

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