Kris Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2013

Kris Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2013: Clean, crisp, light, dry; lemon-green color, spring flowers nose; restrained fruit, green apple, peach, nectarine, citrus; cleansing acidity with bit of almond on the finish. Delle Venezie is part of the Tre Venezie wine region on Italy’s northeastern border north of Venice, and ranks with Tuscany and Piedmont as a world class Italian wine region. Della Venezie, Alto Livenza, and Venezia Giulia (the three Venezie) are Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) designations, a mark of quality in Italian wine. The region is famous for white wines, especially pinot grigio; offerings reflect Germanic and Slavic roots. (Tre Venezie was at times part of the Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.) Pinot grigio is not just Italian name for pinot gris, it also designates a style of wine, and Kris is a delicious and affordable example. $13Kris Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie