Ruffino Rosé Sparkling Wine NV

Vivid pink-red color; big strawberry on the nose with riffs of rose; strawberry, red berries on lively body, nice finish.

Semi-dry, nice acidity, straightforward, simple but not bland or flaccid. Made with traditional prosecco grape (glera) with small amount of pinot noir to achieve the dramatic color.

Standard Italian sparkling process: glera and pinot noir are made as still wines, then they are blended and undergo a second fermentation in pressurized tanks for a month—the Charmat process (different and less expensive than méthode champenoise or “traditional method”). Charmat preserves more aromas and fruitiness while sacrificing depth and complexity. The reward is prices significantly less than Champagne—do you want one bottle of a French Champagne or four or more bottles of this tasty prosecco sparkling? There is time and place for both, of course. For fun, every-day drinking, this is easy choice. Enjoy in plastic cup around the pool, could pair with watermelon for decadent summer afternoon fling—11% alcohol means it will not be that decadent.

While the grapes for this effort come from the northeastern-most part of Italy, north of Venice, the Ruffino story begins in the Tuscan town of Pontassieve, near Florence, and a small winery established by cousins Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino in 1877; by the 1880s, they were winning awards; by the 1960s Ruffino sold wines in more than 100 countries. Primarily known for their reds, particularly Chiantis and Super Tuscans, Ruffino recently moved into sparklings—making Moscato d’Asti in northwestern Italy’s Piedmont region and prosecco in Italy’s northeastern Veneto region, where this wine is made. Ruffino is important player in the wine world.

This rosé works well as aperitif, or paired with fish, roast chicken, garden salads. Fun, easy-going, very pretty pour at nice price. $15

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Ruffino Rosé Sparkling Wine