Shiloh Secret Reserve Petite Sirah, Judean Hills 2019

Deep ruby color; blackberry, blackcurrant, plum, blueberry, black tea, oak, vanilla on the nose and palate.

Shiloh Secret Reserve Petite Sirah, Judean Hills 2019

Dry; significant tannins, decanting recommended. Medium acidity. Very rich, dark fruits; good structure and balance. Full body. Expected dark power from 100% petite sirah. Grapes hand-harvested at night. Aged 18 months in French oak. Mevushal, kosher for Passover. 15.5% ABV

Dr. Mayer Chomer established the winery in 2005 on an elevation overlooking the Benjamin string, a Biblical site and one of the world’s oldest grape-growing regions. The Shiloh logo is a stylized bull. The winery asserts it connotes “Strength, passion, internal force, humility, personality, greatness and… sovereignty.” The site quotes from Deuteronomy (33/17): “His firstborn bull, majesty is his! His horns are the horns of a wild ox…” [New American Bible]” and “His glory is like the first-born of his bull, and his horns are like the horns of the wild ox…” [translation on the Shiloh website].

Shiloh winemaker Amichai Luria

Amichai Luria is the winemaker. He is especially passionate about growing grapes making wine in a location where Jews were making wine 3,000 years ago. There is a nice video on the website featuring Luria and the various archeological finds at the winery, including a 3,000-year-old wine cave. The winery uses chickens, goats, and sheep to provide fertilizer for the vineyard. BTW, the winery is pronounced “She-low” rather than the pronunciation of the American Civil War battlefield.

An ancient city in Samaria, Shiloh was the center of Jewish culture before Jerusalem and where the Ark of the Covenant first resided. It is located 19 miles north of Jerusalem, in the West Bank. There is debate about the exact meaning of the word, but many translations are “Tranquillity Town.” Ironic since the name now is associated with a bloody battlefield in the U.S. and the Right Bank in Israel. Let us pray that the future reaffirms its original meaning. 

Shiloh vineyard

Shiloh Secret Reserve Petite Sirah, Judean Hills 2019 is effusively expressive iteration of dark fruits and tannic petite sirah. With decanting, it becomes a rich, full body, oh, wow! pour from wine growing region dating back millennia. Pair with lamb—classic pairing; grilled steaks, especially well-marbled cuts; beef stroganoff; beef stews and braised meat; umami-driven food in general; wild game—venison; chicken with bold, creamy sauces; spicy bean or meat chili; vegetables—root vegetables, mushrooms, eggplant, beans. Cheese—blue cheese, aged goat cheese, gouda, limburger, asiago, mozzarella, melted swiss, camembert. $40-52

Shiloh Winery website