Researchers recently reported red wine fights cavities, marking the latest in the horde of reasons for enjoying wine.
Alas, there are stains on this rosé picture. Stains. Literally. On your teeth and on your stemware. Relax, we have solutions.

To prevent purple-stained teeth, brush your teeth before drinking red wine, not after. Plaque on your teeth is what absorbs wine stain, not tooth enamel. Brush a decent interval before tippling (otherwise your wine will taste like toothpaste) then enjoy yourself unrestrained by stains.
There are other preventative measures. Drinking water between glasses of wine thwarts purple stains and—bonus—helps prevent hangovers.
Cheese not only pairs with wine, proteins in cheese help create a protective shield for your teeth.
Veggies are another player in your purple protection plan. The fiber in vegetables acts as a natural toothbrush, helping scour stains, plus you have to chew veggies vigorously, which creates saliva, another stain fighter. Bonus—you get part of your recommended daily serving of vegetables and fiber.
No matter what wine you are drinking or your stain strategy, if you wear lipstick another stain strain threatens visual decorum. Here is a trick.
Before sipping, lick the glass where lipstick might stick and stain. Lipstick is made using oils, waxes and fats, none of which play well with water. When you apply a little moisture with your tongue, you create a lipstick barrier. If someone sees you licking your stemware, depending upon the situation, turn the move into a provocative flirt.
If licking fails, baking soda or salt are better ways to clean lipstick-stained wineglasses than soap and water.
Tasting notes:
• Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay Central Coast 2014: Simple chard; excellent value-for-price. $9-11
• Castello Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2011: Good quality-for-price example from one of the best makers in Tuscany; significantly improves with air, decanting recommended. $19
• La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2013: Suitable earthiness for a California mass market pinot plus appropriate delicateness. $23
Last round: After a few glasses of wine, do not tell people about your troubles. Half of them are not interested. The other half are happy you are getting what you deserve.
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