Tenuta di Capezzana Vin Ruspo Rosato di Carmignano DOC 2022

Pale copper color; watermelon, cherry, strawberry, rose petals on the nose; watermelon, cherry, strawberry, raspberry on the palate.

Tenuta di Capezzana Vin Ruspo Rosato di Carmignano DOC 2022

Dry; light body; juicy red fruits. Light body. Blend of 80% sangiovese, 10% canailo, 10% cabernet sauvignon. The juice spent 12 hours on the skins. Etherial and delicious. Delicate, juicy flirtation with your palate. No oak; whiff of delicate tannin adds depth to what, essentially, is airy, fleeting, pleasurable experience. 13% ABV

The winery was founded in 804 CE according to Florentine state archives. The website notes: “In 1475, during the early Renaissance, Monna Nera Bonaccorsi built the first ‘Nobleman’s house’  along with nine farm houses with the wine-making buildings. Other generations and families were to follow in the ownership of the property: the Cantucci, related to Medici, and the Marchesi Bourbon del Monte.

Tenuta di Capezzana

“In the eighteenth century a lady from the Cantucci family, married to a Bourbon, enlarged the farm and bought new plots. She also introduced an exemplary administrative approach, leaving a wealth of documents that are today stored in the historic archives of the company. After the Bourbon del Monte, the estate passed to the Adimari Morelli, then to Franchetti and Rothschild and finally, via the widow Sara de Rothschild, to the Contini Bonacossi, our family, in 1920.”

Contini Bonacossi family, Tenuta di Capezzana owners

In the early part of the 20th century, Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi and his sons Augusto Alessandro and Vittorina returned to Italy from Spain. Alessandro bought the Capezzana property and expanded its holdings. In 1945, Augusto Alessandro and his son, Ugo, steered the estate from sharecropping and into the modern wine making business it is today.

Rosato di Carmignano has origins in the estate’s sharecropping heritage. Farmers would siphon off or “ruspare” a portion of the landowner’s pooled grape must for their own consumption. Such must was lightly colored since it was taken during early stages of fermentation. The brief contact with skins gives this wine its color today.

Tenuta di Capezzana sustainable, organic vineyard

Tenuta di Capezzana Vin Ruspo Rosato di Carmignano DOC 2022 is delicate, fresh, delicious. The estate and wine has a 1,400 year backstory, which is what you can encounter in Old World wines. This is wonderfully ephemeral, a faintingly engaging, charming visit on the palate. Folks not into wine should enjoy this; folks into wine will appreciate its purity and innocence. Clearly works very nicely as aperitif. Pair with cold cuts, charcuterie board; lean fish; smoked fish; grilled fish; sushi/sashimi; risotto with vegetables; shellfish; summer salads; white meats; cheese and veggie pizza; vegetarian fare. Cheese—lush, creamy, soft cheeses; burrata, feta, halloumi, humbolt fog, summer-molk comté, goat milk gouda, cambozola. $11-14

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