Casas del Bosque La Cantera Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley 2020

Medium yellow color; lime, peach, cut grass, gooseberry, bell pepper on the nose; passion fruit, lemon-lime, white peach, melon, pineapple, minerality on the palate.

Casas del Bosque La Cantera Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley 2020

Dry; good, but not cutting, acidity. Light-medium body. Spicy mouthfeel with salinity/minerality thanks to vineyard location near the Pacific Ocean. More herbal than fruity. Sauvignon blanc grapes were harvested from blocks in “La Cantera”—the place where the stones were harvested to build the winery. The location has granitic soils and is one of the areas closest (11 miles) to the ocean in the Casablanca Valley. Part of Casas del Bosque’s Botanic Series—which means minimal intervention. No tannins or oak notes. 13.5% ABV

This entry-level offering represents a change in style. Winemaker is Alberto Guolo. New Zealander Sam Harrop is the new consultant. The result falls between New Zealand’s sharpness and Old World mellow fruitiness. The Cúneo family founded winery in 1993. The estate name reflects the ancient pine forests, olive trees, and small adobe houses. The name roughly translates as “Forest Houses.” Located about 40 miles south of Santiago, the vineyards are in the coolest, and westernmost, part of the Casablanca Valley, which provides significant diurnal shift to promote crispness in addition to the ocean influence.

Casas del Bosque winemaker Alberto Guolo
Casas del Bosque consultant Sam Harrop

Casas del Bosque is certified sustainable, which in Chile not only means organic farming practices, but also includes the addressing of the needs of employees. For Chilean winemakers, sustainability means their employees receive more than just a job. The winery takes care of civic and cultural needs as well. It is a holistic approach—if you want to make great wine, you must pay attention to the needs of the vineyard, the environment, and the human resources making the wine.

Casas del Bosque La Cantera Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley 2020 is fresh, bright, spicy mouthfeel, interesting minerality-salinity. Herbaceous rather than fruit-forward. Nicely balanced between acidity, fruitiness, herbaceous elements. Pair with shellfish; grilled fish; fish tacos; pasta and summer salads; vegetarian fare; charcuterie board that includes fresh fruits. Cheese—goat cheese is the classic cheese pairing, also sheep’s milk; goat milk cheddar, gouda, havarti, monterey jack, muenster, parmesan, swiss. $17-19

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Casas del Bosque
Casas del Bosque team
Casas del Bosque president and founder Juan Cúneo
Casas del Bosque vineyard manager Giorgianna Cúneo
Casas del Bosque cellar