Thanksgiving wine 2 of 2

Today will be the biggest day of the year for premium wine sales in San Angelo.

Thanksgiving is great opportunity to pour several wines and enjoy different taste experiences. Last week we offered safe, this week unconventional.

Thanksgiving is an American feast, and there is no more American wine than Zinfandel. Typically, pair Zins with steak and lamb, but lighter Zins work with turkey, and they also pair with after-meal dark chocolate. For an all-American theme, make one of your pours a Zin. White Zinfandel also will work (snobs will snort, enjoy anyway).

• Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel. Mouth-filling, soft, plush—savor. $12

• Rancho Zabaco Dry Creek Valley Chiotti Vineyard Zinfandel. From the heart of Sonoma’s “Zin Zone”, full of blueberry and black raspberry. $27

• Ferrari Carano Reserve Zinfandel. Cherry, rich vanilla cream, silky tannins; long, smooth finish. $28

• Nickel & Nickel Bonfire Vinyard Zinfandel. Dark, spicy, velvety power and depth, an ‘oh my!’ Zin. $51

Going Texan? Consider:

• Becker Malbec. Never heard of Malbec? Get acquainted with this great red grape. $17

• Becker Reserve Chardonnay Reserve. One of Texas’ premier wineries at its best. $23

• Fall Creek Vineyard Meritus. Top Texas winery’s big, dense, full-bodied, high-end red blend. $38

When feast is done, a fine port or cognac elegantly caps the day.

• Messina Hoff Barrel Reserve Port. Don’t scoff, Texas is a rising wine power and this is part of the reason. Chocolately rich, velvet texture, gold medal winner. $17

• Courvoisier VSOP Cognac. Okay, not Napoleon’s favorite (in spite of hype, Nap was dead before winery opened), but still frankly terrific. $44

• Dow’s Vintage Porto. Opulent, decadent, huge depth—choose your adjectives, go for a Portuguese blockbuster once a year. $92