Viña San Pedro GatoNegro Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Pale yellow color; grapefruit, tropical fruit, white peach, pineapple on the nose; honeydew, citrus, grapefruit, white peach on the palate.

Viña San Pedro GatoNegro Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Dry; rich and flavorful in the mouth. Excellent acidity (3.2 pH); 100% sauvignon blanc. The wine is a decidedly pleasant surprise. It has more flavor and character than its sister offering, Viña San Pedro 9 Lives Lives Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2018, that cost a few dollars more. Long, fruity finish; 12% ABV.

Viña San Pedro is a Chilean winemaker established in 1865. The grapes for this effort come from the Central Valley of Chile. The Correa Albano brothers, pioneers in bringing Old World vines to South America, founded the winery. Today, Vina San Pedro is a major Chilean maker, exporting to more than 80 markets across five continents with its brands: Altaïr, Cabo de Hornos, Sideral, Kankana del Elqui, Tierras Moradas, 1865, Epica, Castillo de Molina, 35 SUR, 9 Lives, and GatoNegro (this wine’s label—and its website and promotional support materials—make it hard to determine if this is one word or two, but it appears Viña San Pedro wants it to be one word even if search engines balk). GatoNegro—or Gato Negro, if you will—means “black cat” in Spanish.

Viviana Magnere–GatoNegro winemaker

Viña San Pedro is part of the VSPT Wine Group, Chile’s third largest viticultural group and the second-largest exporter of Chilean wine. Viviana Magnere is the GatoNegro winemaker. She started at Viña San Pedro in 2006 and became the leader of GatoNego—Viña San Pedro’s most global brand—in 2014. Magnere graduated as an Agricultural Engineer at Universidad Católica de Chile, specializing in enology.

Viña San Pedro GatoNegro Sauvignon Blanc 2018 is smooth, fun, very fruity with the perceived sweetness balanced by racy acidity. It is another example of the astonishing value you can find with Chilean wine. This can work solo when poured cold on deck, patio, porch, or poolside. Pair with shellfish and battered fried fish; vegetable entrees and salads; pasta; spicy sausage; goat cheese; brie, pears & brioche (visit the winery website for this and other recipes). $6-7

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Video of horseback tour of Viña San Pedro vineyard gives sense of place

Viña San Pedro Chilean vineyard
Viña San Pedro Chilean estate