Viñas del Vero La Miranda Secastilla Garnacha 2013

Viñas del Vero La Miranda Secastilla Garnacha 2013: Dark violet color; raspberry, violets, prune nose;

ripe raspberry, cherry, blackberry, strawberry, plum on the palate; juicy, ripe fruits, supple tannin; smooth, simple, straightforward, easy drinking garnacha, with touch of syrah and parraleta blended in. The wine comes from the Somontano Denominación de Origen (Somotano means “beneath the mountain”) in northeastern Spain, among the highest vineyards in the country. With some 40% of the production, Viñas del Vero is the leading maker in the D.O. While the region is not heartland of Spanish winemaking, it does comfortably occupy a niche with a Mediterranean microclimate that includes oak, pine, and juniper trees in the gently rolling hills. It is likely the first grape vines were planted here a century before Christ. The “Secastilla” name comes from Latin “Septcastelum,” which references seven castles that dominated the area; today if you look out from the top of the San Pedro de Secastilla church tower you can still see the remains of those ancient settlements. Garnacha/grenache is one of the world’s most widely planted red wine grapes. They ripen late and do best in hot, dry climates such as Spain—where garnacha likely originated, likely in Aragon, the region where Secastilla is located. Garnacha also is major grape in the souther Rhône in France and the San Joaquin Valley in California. It is great blending grape, usually paired with syrah, carignan, cinsaut, and tempranillo. This is relaxed, value-priced edition of a classic grape by one of Spain’s top makers. Enjoy. $15Viñas del Vero La Miranda Secastilla Garnacha