Astoria Sparkling Moscato Rosé NV

Bright pink-red color; strawberry, raspberry nose; strawberry, red watermelon, raspberry, red fruits on the palate.

Nice perlage (column of bubbles); definite sweet elements, especially on the finish when there is hint of honey, but not overly sweet. Dry wine lovers will be able to enjoy this; sweeter wine lovers will revel in its soft touch and lingering sweetness. Blend of 86% moscato, 14% malvasia rosso (to achieve the rosé) from Piedmont region of northwestern Italy.

Will work as an aperitif for those who like this level of sweetness; also will work with fresh fruits, sorbet or fruit-flavored ice cream, or on its own as dessert.

Astoria was founded in 1987 by Paolo and Giorgio Polegato, brothers and third generation Italian winemakers. The grapes are cultivated on the Val De Brun family estate in Refrontolo, which is in the middle of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene area, the heart of the Prosecco DOCG. Astoria asserts their Veneto vineyards consist of “acres located in one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in Italy, renowned for its climate, highlight the harmonious succession of hills and vineyards.”

In addition to this traditional Prosecco, Astoria also makes a line of wines named “9.5 Cold Wine.” The 9.5 is the alcohol content in the sparkling wines—brut, red, and pink—to be drunk as cold as possible. They also make a sparkling that is an alcohol-free, a rare feat.

Astoria Sparkling Moscato Rosé NV achieves nice balance of fruit and sweetness without being cloying. $14-15

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Second photo: Paolo and Giorgio Polegato

Astoria Sparkling Moscato Rosé NV
Paolo and Giorgio Polegato