Rotari Brut Rosé Trento DOC 2013

Lovely light pink rose color; red fruits, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, yeast on the nose; raspberry, strawberry, some grapefruit on the palate.

Excellent perlage (column of bubbles); bone dry; pure fruit, 75% pinot noir, 25% chardonnay, bottled fermented (traditional method); balances elegantly soft structure with racy acidity and a tart flourish of minerality on the finish. Very refreshing.

With its charming color, lively bubbles, light body, and palate-cleansing acidity, this works as inviting aperitif that could pair with fish appetizers (smoked salmon bruschetta leaps to mind), also with a range of seafood, roast chicken, and lighter meat entrées.

Rotari gets its name from the Lombard King Rotari (or Rothari), 636-652, who brought most of northern Italy under Lombard control through a series of military campaigns. Rotari’s Edict of Rotari (Edictum Rothari) was the first compilation of Lombard law, and included rules for making wine. It mirrors Germanic legislation of the period; the Lombards were a Germanic people who ruled northern Italy from 568 to 774.

Rotari vineyards are in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains—the Italian Alps—ranging from 950 to 2,500 feet. The elevations, clear sunlight, cold nights and breezes from some 400 lakes and glaciers create an ideal environment for crisp, acidic, elegant sparkling wines, such as this example.

Rotari is owned by the Trentino-based Gruppo Mezzacorona, a group of wineries that has been making wines in the region for more than a century. All Rotari wines carry the “Trento DOC” label, earned by adhering to strict quality control standards.

Another palate-pleasuring Rotari winner; enjoy it as an everyday luxury. $16-20

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Second photo: Rotari winery

Rotari Rosé Trento DOC 2013
Rotari winery