Boutari Santorini Kallisti Reserve 2013

Gorgeous, brilliant yellow color; apple, peach, vanilla, smoke on the nose; rich, full-fruit, green apple, melon, tropical fruit, citrus on the palate.

Dry, significant minerality, medium body, some oak from seven months in barrel, nice acidity, rich, full, significant power, especially for a white wine.

Made with assyrtiko grapes, a top-end grape that originated in the Greek island of Santorini and has found greater use in other parts of Greece, particularly as a blending grape because of its acidity and minerality.

Santorini presents wine growers with testing conditions. A C-shaped land mass in the Aegean sea, Santorini was created by volcanic activity, making soil that is black and porous. The topography provides hot, dry summers with strong Meltemi winds and ameliorated by cooling night fogs. The vineyard is at least three centuries old, and the vines grow on original rootstock since phylloxera never reached the area. Vines are trained in the koulourva “basket” training system rather than traditional methods as further protection from the difficult conditions. The result is a wine with intense minerality, vivid terroir, and delicious, distinctive flavors. $23-25

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Second photo: Boutari winery
Boutari Santorini Kallisti Reserve 2013
Boutari winery