Torresella Prosecco Extra Dry NV

Straw yellow color; pear, delicate floral nose; white melon, pear, star fruit on the palate.

Fresh, fruity, nice acidity, extra dry—which means slightly sweet, but only slightly and the richness comes from glera grape’s abundant flavor, not from over-ripeness or chaptalization.

Will work wonderfully as an aperitif and with light hors d’oeuvres, also with soft cheese or fruit for dessert. Made in Veneto region of northeastern Italy, above Venice, the heartland of prosecco. This is notable for is fruity touch of sweetness juxtaposed to sharp acidity.

Prosecco soars in popularity, and this is example of why. Delicious wine with some intriguing complexity for its price point (which is middle-shelf-plus for prosecco). Fun. Should please range of palates. $14-16

Torresella Winery website

Second photo: Torresella vineyard

Torresella Prosecco Extra Dry NV
Torresella vineyard