Château de Fontlade Saint-Qvinis Rosé 2014

Delicate pink color; strawberry, some peach, rose nose; subtle strawberry, peach on the palate.

Nice acidity, clean, refreshingly crisp, minerality, balanced, lengthy finish.

A wine of Provençe, the hallowed ground of rosé, this is blend of cinsault and grenache. Cinsault is a major grape in Provençe and the fourth-most-grown grape in France. Cinsault contributes lightness, softness, and aromatics. It is close relative grenache, which adds delicious fruitiness to a blend.

Located in the heart of Provençe highlands, the Fontlade and sister Pérégrinage vineyards have documented evidence of wine production since the 10th century, but likely date back to Roman era before the time of Christ. The present ownership dates to 1942 when Baronne Philippe de Montremy acquired the land. Once again, Old World winery stories date back 1,000 to 2,000 years.

This is pleasant rosé. No wow! factor because of subdued fruit and average acidity, but it is elegant and easy drinking. You won’t blow people away when you pour this wine, but you won’t offend anyone, either. There is something to be said for that when you have a mixed group that ranges from wine fledglings to wine aficionados with auteur affectations. $18

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Second photo: Château de Fontlade Saint-Qvinis vineyards

Château de Fontlade Saint-Qvinis Rosé 2014
Château de Fontlade Saint-Qvinis vineyard