Domaine du Tariquet Côté Chardonnay et Sauvignon 2014

Domaine du Tariquet Côté Chardonnay et Sauvignon 2014: Interesting equal blend of chard and sauv blanc; flowers, spice, grapefruit, citrus, melon, minerals, hint of sweetness; the effort provides fresh, delightful surprises. Magic of the mix is interplay of chard’s rich, buttery, roundness and sauv blanc’s aromatics, zingy freshness and cleansing acidity; chard is fermented in barrel, sauv blanc in stainless steel. Winemaker Yves Grassa often is described as brilliant and innovative, and this distinctive and delicious blend is an example. Chard-sauv blanc blends are made around the world and are more common than many realize, but Grassa’s 50-50 approach is not standard. Enjoy how his effort plays with your palate in evolving ways, and ways you probably have never had your palate played with before. This come’s from Côtes de Gascogne region in southwest France, inland from the Atlantic and north of the Pyrénées, Toulouse is major city to the east. Gascogne (Gascony to the English) is one of France’s leading producers of white wine for export—some 75% of its 100 million-plus bottles each year are sold for export. $11Domaine du Tariquet Côté Chardonnay et Sauvignon