Father’s Day 6-15-2022

When this wine column began more than 14 years ago, Father’s Day was not a topic. Men drank beer, women drank wine. That was just the way it was.

Times changed—more likely the perception of the male-female divide was inaccurate. The first Father’s Day column did not appear until the fifth year. This marks the eighth time for a dad theme and is a compendium of past “wisdom.”

• Whether dad really likes the wine you buy for him is not the most important part of your pour play on his day. He may forget the wine. He will not forget the love. Neither will you.

Last round: Old Italian toast appropriate for dad—here’s to all who wish us well. And those who don’t can go to…

• Wine-inspired gifts for Father’s Day tempt you to gather gimmicks destined for the “God only knows what it’s for” drawer. Please, resist that seduction.

Last round: Dad says if you can’t fix it with wine, duct tape, or WD40, it ain’t worth fixing.

• During this June of travel into the realm of rosé, a suggestion that may make you blush. Treat daddy to a bottle of rosé.

Last round: Father’s Day toast—“May you live to be so old your best vintage wine is past its prime.”

• An obvious Father’s Day move is to get a quality wine dad enjoys, and do not buy it on his credit card.

Last round: This family runs on three things: love, laughter, bottles of really good wine.

• If dad prefers big, full reds, pull cork on wine that pairs with diet-busting fare like ribeyes and fully loaded baked potatoes. Fried onion rings, yeah, sure. We’ll get healthy tomorrow. Promise.

Last round: Wisdom: If at first you don’t succeed, call dad. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will have enough wine to forget the question and you can ask mom for the answer.

• Do not buy dad a wine-tasting kit that includes scorecards and bags for blind tastings. The only respectable use for such things is to re-gift to people you don’t like very much.

Last round: Always have a good bottle of wine on hand for special occasions. You know, like Father’s Day. And Tuesday.

• Suggestions on wine based on dad’s personality. One example: Pop survived your teenage years: Bordeaux blend. Quality bottle here will go far toward earning forgiveness for your childhood sins.

Last round: Family. Where life begins. Love never ends. Wine is shared.