Ferrari Brut Rosé Trento DOC NV

Medium copper color; strawberry, redcurrant, red flowers, bread yeast on the nose; strawberry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, tangerine, almond, redcurrant on the palate.

Ferrari Brut Rosé Trento DOC NV

Brut; excellent acidity (3.15 pH) and silky mouthfeel. Fine, persistent perlage. Bright, racy style with good length and balance. Blend of 60 pinot noir (pinot nero), 40% chardonnay aged 20 months on the lees; 12.5% ABV. Ferrari and the Trento DOC were created to compete with French Champagne in the sparkling wine category. The process is the same—traditional method/metodo classico—used in Champagne where there is a second fermentation in the bottle. This contrasts with the tank method also used in Italy, especially with prosecco.

Dolomite Mountains

The Trento wine region of Italy is located in the mountains near the Swiss border, northwest of Venice, north of Verona, northeast of Milan. These are high-altitude vineyards in the slopes of Dolomite Mountains. Ferrari dominates sparkling production in this region. The winery was founded by Giulio Ferrari—no relation to car maker Enzo—in 1902 when Trento was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The operation has been owned by the Lunelli family since 1952—Giulio Ferrari had no heirs, so he hand-selected the next owner, Brunon Lunelli, who owned a wine store in the region and was committed to the high quality championed by Giulio. The Lunellis, now in their third generation of ownership, produce more than five million bottles a year, 90% sold in Italy, the U.S. is its next market. The current Lunelli managing generation includes Camilla and her brothers Alessandro, Marcello, and Matteo. Ferrari is the maker, but vineyards are hugely fragmented in the Trento hill/mountains so Ferrari works with some 600 growers to assemble grapes for their wines.

Giulio Ferrari

Ferrari played leadership role in establishing Trento as a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata—a quality assurance designation); Trento DOC only applies to sparkling wine. Non-sparkling wine DOC’s are Trentino and Alto Adige. Ferrari spearheaded the planting of chardonnay in this mountain region and the Lunellis continued that emphasis. The Trento DOC now boasts of having the largest planting of chardonnay in Italy.

Ferrari Brut Rosé Trento NV is silky, clean, fresh, crisp, refreshing, with excellent food-friendly acidity. Charming, elegant, well balanced. Somewhat reserved easy drinker, will not compete for attention, making it ideal for aperitif or paired with appetizers or finger foods. Delicious alternative to more expensive French Champagne. With its excellent acidity, will pair with a raft of lighter food—seafood, pork, poultry, salads, fruit plates, vegan fare. $33-38

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Bruno Lunelli at his wine shop
Lunelli third generation: Marcello, Camilla, Matteo, Alessandro
Ferrari vineyard
Ferrari high altitude vineyard
Ferrari winery
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