Masciarelli Colline Teatine Rosato IGT 2022

Medium salmon color; strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate on the nose; strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, cranberry on the palate.

Masciarelli Colline Teatine Rosato IGT 2022

Dry; low tannins and medium acidity. Light body. Tickle of tart cherry on the finish. Ephemeral rosé—ideal summer sipper. 100% montepulciano grapes. Grapes sustainably farmed, hand-harvested. Destemmed and softly pressed. Cold fermentation in stainless steel. Wine briefly refined in stainless steel prior to bottling to preserve freshness. 13% ABV

Founded by Abruzzo native Gianni Masciarelli in 1981, Masciarelli and its wine are the standard bearer for the Abruzzo region. The grapes come from Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, one of the only appellations in Italy dedicated to rosé. This rosato is primarily sourced from sites around Chieti, located in the municipalities of San Martino sulla Marrucina (1,433 feet), Ripa Teatina (820 feet) and Colonnella (524 feet). The vineyards are located above and behind the house of Gianni Masciarelli’s grandfather, where the family started making wine in 1930.

Masciarelli Colline winery
Masciarelli Colline vineyard

Montepulciano is classic grape of central Italy, most prominently in Abruzzo, where this wine is made. There is a Tuscan town (75 miles southeast of Florence) named Montepulciano where very highly valued Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is made—but that red wine does not use Montepulciano grapes, it uses sangiovese. That famous red wine gets its name because it only is made in the town of that name. Surely you are not surprised wine can be so confusing, especially in the Old World.

Gianni Masciarelli

Masciarelli Tenute Agricole was founded in 1981 by Gianni Masciarelli, a promoter of modern wine production in Abruzzo. The center of the operation is the winery in San Martino sulla Marrucino in the province of Chieti and includes some 300 acres of vineyards and olive groves in 13 municipalities in all four provinces of Abruzzo in central Italy, east of Rome on the Adriatic coast. There also is a Masciarelli-restored castle, Castello di Semivicoli, which serves as hotel, restaurant, and houses various elements of the winery. Gianni died in 2008, but his wife Marina Cvetic continues the operation as owner, winemaker, and operations manager.

Masciarelli’s Marina Cvetić

Masciarelli Colline Teatine Rosato IGT 2022 is very easy going, delicate, let’s not get too serious, warm weather sipper—especially well chilled. Strawberry and watermelon are the leaders of the palate parade. Refreshing, fun adventure when you just want a pleasing pour without any drama. Certainly works as an afternoon or early evening aperitif. Enjoy by pier, patio, porch, pool, picnic. Pair with shellfish; lean fish; poultry. Cheese—mild and soft cheese; monterey jack, American cheese, parmesan, cheddar. $11-14

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Masciarelli winery
Marina Cvetic and Miriam Lee Masciarelli
Masciarelli vineyard